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  • 7/10/18 12:17 pm EDT

    The Interactive Museum inside the Southern Environmental Center (SEC) is designed to teach people of all ages how they can help protect and improve their local environments. At 5,600-square-feet, it’s the largest education facility of its kind in Alabama.

  • 6/28/18 11:15 am EDT

    Impact America Founder and President Stephen Black is proud of the work they are doing, but he wants the organization to go beyond addressing community needs. He also wants to empower college students with empathy for those most in need so that they can better understand the impact of their efforts.

  • 6/28/18 11:00 am EDT

    The Birmingham YMCA Youth Center was able to participate in NBA Math Hoops through a grant from the National Basketball Players Association, one of the supporting entities that bring the game to afterschool programs throughout the country.

  • 6/28/18 10:43 am EDT

    For 113 years, Vulcan has held a position of prominence over Birmingham. Named for the Roman god of fire and forge, Vulcan was cast from iron made from the city’s natural resources as Birmingham and the state of Alabama’s entry into the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis, Missouri.

  • 2/8/18 5:27 pm EST

    Sometime between 11am and 1pm, most of us take our lunch. We aspire to pause from our crazy workload for 30 minutes. That’s 1,800 precious seconds to fill our bellies and quiet our minds before we get right back to it.

  • 1/17/18 11:13 am EST

    In a full auditorium at Vestavia Hills United Methodist Church, the Alabama Symphony Orchestra (ASO) is inspiring children’s imagination with music and storytelling.

  • 1/2/18 3:32 pm EST

    Employees at Protective Life Insurance Company in Syracuse, New York, helped Syracuse City International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) warm the hearts – and bodies – of young children in need by raising money toward the firefighters’ Operation Warm program.

  • 11/28/17 12:06 pm EST

    There are approximately 6,000 children currently living in foster care in Alabama, according to the Alabama Department of Human Resources. Some need foster care for a short time until they can be united with their biological family. About 300 others cannot return home and are put up for their adoption.

  • 11/20/17 1:24 pm EST

    The sound of drums from Woodlawn High School’s band practicing in the distance sets a rhythm to the activity at the nearby two-acre teaching farm, where a handful of students are laying irrigation for a crop of collard greens. The intercity farm offers these students a rare opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the many aspects of farming with the goal of cultivating a generation of community leaders.

  • 10/18/17 11:23 am EDT

    In July of this year, Kazunori Tago, one of the world’s finest Japanese temple and shrine builders, returned to Birmingham to celebrate a structure he had designed and handcrafted a quarter of a century ago. The Japanese Tea House at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens symbolizes the idea of bringing cultures together, and it was instrumental in forging a friendship between the cities of Birmingham, Alabama, and Maebashi, Japan. 

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