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Innovative New Universal Life Insurance Rider for Substandard Clients Now Available from Protective Life and West Coast Life

Thursday, July 23, 2009 4:11 pm EDT



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BIRMINGHAM, Ala.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Protective Life Insurance Company and West Coast Life Insurance Company announced the release of a new innovative universal life insurance rider designed to encourage individuals to improve their health through key lifestyle changes, with the goal of outliving their estimated life expectancies.

The Return of Substandard Charges Option (ROSCO) Rider can help enhance the many powerful benefits and features of our ProClassic and LifeTime Advantage Plus universal life insurance policies for clients issued with substandard underwriting ratings. All substandard charges associated with ROSCO will be returned as a credit to the policy value at a designated year based on issue age. Also, in that designated year the substandard charges will be reduced to standard charges. Additionally, the credit to the policy value can help meet future financial needs through tax-deferred cash value accumulation and access to policy values.

“Due to advances in medical technology and key lifestyle changes, people are simply living longer,” says John Deremo, Senior Vice President and Chief Distribution Officer. “In utilizing the ROSCO rider, we feel the improvements to policy value and premium charges may encourage individuals with substandard underwriting ratings to improve their overall health picture,” Deremo adds.

The Return of Substandard Charges Option (ROSCO) Rider offers an innovative solution to meeting the permanent insurance needs of individuals with substandard underwriting ratings. Protective Life and West Coast Life offer high-touch personalized service, including direct access to underwriters who understand the needs of universal life insurance customers.

About Protective Life and West Coast Life Insurance Companies

Protective Life and West Coast Life Insurance Companies operate on a profound belief in the American dream: provide quality products with excellent service and success will follow. This unwavering commitment to treating people the way we would like to be treated has been rewarded with stable, long-term relationships and growth.

Protective Life and West Coast Life Insurance Companies offer a broad portfolio of life and specialty insurance and investment products. Our employees nationwide are dedicated every day to proving the wisdom of our collective vision: Doing the right thing is smart business.®

Protective ProClassic UL and West Coast LifeTime Advantage Plus, policy forms UL-15 and WC-U15 state variations thereof, are flexible premium universal life insurance policies issued by Protective Life Insurance Company and West Coast Life Insurance Company. Located at 2801 Highway 280 South, Birmingham, AL 35223. Product features and availability may vary by state. Subject to underwriting. Subject to up to a 2-year contestable and suicide period. Benefits adjusted for misstatements of age or sex. Consult policy for benefits, riders, limitations and exclusions. All payments and all guarantees are subject to the claims paying ability of Protective Life Insurance Company. The ROSCO rider (Form 625) may not be suitable for all ages, face amounts, and/or objectives.


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